Walmart? Seriously?

So today so far has been about web surfing and shopping, I know it comes as a huge shock right? Well with all my browsing I somehow manage to get to the Walmart website. Stupid walmart with their crappy stuff, slave driving ways, and enjoyment of screwing the little companies... oh they have some really cute rugs though. And cute bedding.... what the hell? When did walmart start having cute stuff along with their NASCAR stuff??? I feel a little bit dirty just looking at their site, but they have good prices. Does this make me a bad person?
The correct answer to that question would be no, liking something from walmart doesn't make me a bad person, me being me makes me a bad person. And that works for me.
PS where the hell does walmart get off charging $300 for their super cute brown and turquois rug??? It's walmart goddammit, their stuff is cheap! But it's still a damn adorable rug.

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