The House Of Grumps

Today the boy child is making me wonder if there is an atheist phrase to describe a child that you're pretty certain has been possessed by the Dark One.
Right now he's in time out (again) for not eating dinner, then throwing a fit because he wanted dessert.
Sorry kid, assholes don't get ice cream. Proven fact.

Husband guy is grumpy, dog is in trouble. Only the cat isn't in trouble, and we all know that's just a matter of time.
I can't believe I'm saying this but, omfg I can't wait to go to work tomorrow.

Send Help.


Miss me?

Hey there readers long time no see!
What, it was all my fault? And if I had actually posted something you would have been around?
Well... lets change the subject shall we?
Guess what I have for you... pictures!
I know I never really post pictures, what can I say, I'm lazy.
I'm not sure how familiar with Texas any of you are, but here we are ALL ABOUT our wildflowers. It's a major thing to get your kid's pictures taken in the blue bonnets (the Texas state flower), thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, we have these gorgeous stretches of flowers all over the state. Thanks LBJ!
Meet the Texas blue bonnet, this picture does not do the rich blues justice, also in the picture is a albino blue bonnet, which are apparently very rare, I got several pictures of it, sadly maybe only one came out :/
Well last year the blue bonnets didn't really come up, thanks to our horrible drought, and so I missed snagging shots of MrA in them (photoshop anyone?) but this year...
This year thanks to our mild winter and tons of rain we got quite a spread. These pictures I took don't even do it justice, there were tiny little butterflies fluttering through the flowers, and the smell... even while my allergies were attempting to murder me I tried to drink it in.
and of course being the good blogger that I am, I brought a quilt or two to pictures of.
Full disclosure, I had to bribe the child to get him to participate in quilt pictures, by this point he was camera-ed out and was much more interested in stomping through the flowers than smiling for his mom.
One of my best friends is expecting and this is her new little girl's blanket. We get to wait until August to see if she likes it though.
I can't wait until next year to get some shots of her in the blue bonnets, with her quilt.
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend everyone, I'm hoping my next post I can show y'all some WIPs <3


It's raining, it's pouring

The old man is snoring...
Well the dog is.
And the boy child.
It feels like so much has been changing recently, it's kind of exciting :)
Let me see if I can remember what's been going on so I can update you....

couches! Ha, yes. We got new couches a couple weeks ago.
New to me couches at least :)
I hated our old ones for a while now, they were serviceable but itchy and always seemed to be filthy thanks to the dog.
Lucky for me my best friend liked them, she sent her big strong husband down from Waco to pick them up (along with dropping off some homemade tamales, yum thanks 'Nee!)
After that I scoured Craigslist for some new ones that I could love. And found these, they're big, soft, and squishy. I love them greatly! And for only 150$
They did need some serious cleaning (and still do) but lucky for me Pinterest has taught me how to clean microfiber (thanks Pinterest!)
But they make me a very happy lady.

Let's see what else?
I managed to power through MrA's quilt, he's sleeping in his big boy bed right now wrapped up in it. I hope it sees many spills, rips, lots of dirt, and even more love. It somehow managed to take me less than a week from start to finish. I know I can't believe it either!

I'm still being terrible about my sister's quilt, it's sitting on the arm chair by my sewing machine right now, glaring reproachfully at me. It really needs to be rebasted and then I need to sit down and power through it.
It's really terrible, I still adore the quilt, every time I see it I smile, I just... well we all know basting sucks! ;)

Right now I have several people in my life having babies so I've got even more baby quilts to add to my ever growing list (I think I'm up to 6 now that need to be done!)

And last but not least, after having talked to the husband guy for many moons about this, we're beginning to start researching adoption.
Even before I met my husband I had planned on adopting, when we met and married I kind of gave up the hope since he isn't a huge kid fan, but he's the one who's brought it up the last few times we talked about it.
The first time he had just seen that movie Despicable Me (how cute is he?), we agreed that we'd look into it when the time was right.
The last time was a couple weeks ago, he told me that before MrA he was worried that adopting might not work because he wasn't sure he'd be able to love a child but after having Alex he knew without a doubt that he'd be able to give another child love, and that would be the greatest gift you could give to any child.
I know isn't he a dream? Back off he's mine ;)
And so the research starts, we're going to be looking into the foster/adopt program. We don't want a young baby, probably the youngest we'll look at is 2+, we want to provide a home for a little one who doesn't have as much of a chance to be adopted, so different ethnicities, a bit older...
We'll see where this journey takes us, but I'm very excited to begin it.

And maybe to begin making a quilt for a new addition to OUR home, as well as other peoples :)
Alright signing off, I've got puzzles to clean up off the living room floor.


WIP Wednday

Ooooh I'm totally excited, I've never actually participated properly in one of these :)
Yes I'm back from the land of bloggy slacking, it was an interesting place, but I think I like it here better, more cozy and such.
I got a comment today from Miss Dana, which reminded me that I really did miss all y'all, and I hope you forgive me for being so behind, I promise that once tomorrow dawns (with some light!) I'll get some pretty pictures of what I've been working on to make it up to you!

My poor camera took a nose dive while we were taking Mr.A to the zoo a couple months back, we had it repaired and it's now back home where it belongs, waiting to be used and abused once more. I missed it terribly.

So on to what's been going on here in Conqueror land while I've been away.

First off was Christmas stockings for my mom and family, 10 in all. Of course I didn't take pictures of all the finished products, but rest assured they came out cute, and hopefully will be enjoyed for many years to come.

My little sister's quilt that I've been working on forever is almost done, sadly I totally slacked on basting it so the bottom half needs to be re-basted and then quilted, it's folded up glaring reproachfully from my sewing desk.

Also being worked on right now is our Winter quilt, since we celebrate and decorate by seasons here in our house I know this will get lots of use and hopefully lots of love. There are pieces of this strewn all over my living room right now, it's a bit like a winter bomb went off...

Last, and most special right now is Mr.A's big boy quilt. Right now we're working on getting him out of our bed and into his very own big boy bed. A few nights ago, while I was begging him to please please please go to sleep in his big boy bed and pretty please stop head butting my face in so I can sleep, I asked him if he'd sleep in his big boy bed if he had his very own big boy quilt. I'd had the fabric to make him this quilt for months and months but I just hadn't had the opportunity to make it. He readily agreed, and the next morning when he woke up he dragged me over to my sewing machine and tasked me to sew. My little slave driver had me pressing and cutting all morning, now that it's partially cut (and of course I started sewing, I can't cut without a little reward for myself) I find myself wondering what kind of batting I should be using. What do you all think readers? We live here in Texas for now, and it doesn't really get THAT cold, but I don't want to limit myself too much. So what do you think? Cotton, wool, bamboo? What options are out there? This quilt isn't going to be terribly large so price isn't really that limiting, and really, even if the price for the batting is insane, if it's going to last years and years it really doesn't matter. So lay it on me readers, what should I use?


Life is rawring by

Well it's been a few weeks since I've updated, sadly not much sewing to share, though I finished making MrA's Halloween costume just in time I really didn't get many pictures. I plan to dress him up again soon and do a photo shoot.
The visit with my dad went great, MrA really loves his grandpa and I really enjoyed having him visit.
We've been having some family issues so right now we're just planning on circling the wagons and working on what needs to be addressed. MrA has been enjoying the time we've been spending together, this weekend it was a picnic at the park on Saturday and trains on Sunday, it was wonderful :)
I hope to be able to produce a bit more of a cheerful update soon, maybe with this quilt FINALLY  being finished!


This and That

Well todays post is going to be all over the place, just run with it.
I hadn't mentioned it on here before since I doubt that anyone really wants to hear about my stupid teeth, but mine kind of suck, I had a temp crown put in a couple weeks ago, (my dentist's office outsources the permanent crowns so they can't put on a permanent one til it arrives) the damn temp has fallen off twice. Quite painfully this last time. Like a railroad spike through my jaw when I went to try to clean out my mouth (since of course I was eating when it happened) I get the temp one reglued today in the afternoon, here's hoping that it'll stay put until next week when I get my permanent one in.
Also my dad will be flying out for a visit next week, I'm super excited about it. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my dad before on here, if not I'll summarize quickly for you.
A brief rundown of Valerie's life
Dad is an alcoholic, my mom left him before I turned one, he'll have 20 years of sobriety this June, I'm very, very proud of him for this. He also just quit smoking this August for my birthday :) once again, very proud :)
My dad and I are close, like talk to each other several times a week close, I admire and respect him greatly, and he always has some fun stories to tell about grown up and just life stuff. People know him as Eric the Blessed, not because his life is sunshine and roses (far far far from it) but because he feels that every day is a good day, you're alive, you can walk, well then be happy. Yes it can get a bit annoying :) but it's pretty awesome too :)
Since we bought our house my dad has been flying out to help me work on stuff, this trip is going to be electrical since the wiring in our kitchen is BAD, like fire hazard bad. It'll be fixed next week. My dad is a general contractor and has been doing this sort of thing since before I was born (and is honestly really really good at what he does, the man's an artist) so it's awesome having someone who knows what he's doing show me how to do it right.
Well ok that wasn't really all that brief :)
But here's a picture from last Halloween of Alex and my dad as a reward for sticking through this boring post :)



Getting Sam's quilt finished finally! Loopy with a few hearts thrown in. Can't wait to finish it :) any suggestions for binding? I'm leaning towards a fun print, but nothing's concrete yet.


Yum chai

Who wants a recipe?!

Well I feel terrible for neglecting you all so badly so I'm going to share something with you all.
It's only been within the last few years that I learned I even LIKE pumpkin. I was never willing to try it so I missed out on decades of yum, don't make that mistake people!
so to help you get over it I'm going to share my latest drink I've been enjoying. It's warm, sweet, flavorful but not overpowering. Perfect for fall, and even better, I have a ton of pumpkin puree from baking sitting in my fridge.
Pumpkin Chai Latte
milk of your choice- I've been using vanilla almond milk because dairy and I have been fighting for a good while now
chai mix, I like the crappy powdered stuff, the concentrate you get at the grocery store is good too, just go with whatever you prefer.
pumpkin puree, I have canned, you may have some you've made for pie, it doesn't matter just make sure it's not bad or anything :)
pumpkin pie spice, you could also just use ground nutmeg and cinnamon, use what you've got.

 Heat milk (saucepan if you're good, microwave if you're like me and impatient) mix chai and milk, stir til thoroughly combined, add pumpkin puree, start with a small spoonful and add more until you find your perfect ratio (I like a heaping spoonful) now add a couple dashes of your spices and stir.
You're done, go sit down and enjoy that it's finally fall (woooooo it's no longer 100+ here in Texas! AND we got rain!!!)


Working on Halloween

Well it would seem that things are finally looking up here weather wise in Texas. According to the news the fires are being handled and the weather is actually starting to feel nice, like fall.
Speaking of fall I've been working on my Halloween stuff. Table cloth and napkins for the table, painting some peg dolls like the ones that Bree over at Distant Pickles showed me (too bad I only found the really tiny dolls instead of the slightly bigger ones) I'm even mostly done with MrA's Halloween costume, I'd show you a picture but apparently Flickr wants to be spiteful and not let me upload my latest stuff.
I was finally good and finished the coin pouch tutorial, it's going to be posted later this month on Distant Pickles so make sure to keep an eye over there :)
I've also been plugging away on Miss Sam's quilt, about 3/4 of the way done with the top now, I feel terrible about taking so long on it, especially since I really love it whenever I'm working on it, I just don't have motivation most of the time.
I'm loving how bright it's looking, so cheerful, perfect for a tween girl :)
This week is also when I'm gearing up for Ren Faire. It looks like we'll be taking BIL, his GF and her 2 little ones too. I'm really excited about it, BIL's GF (I've got to get a name for her on here, that's just a pia to type!) is a Ren Faire virgin and I offered to help her with a costume, I'll be teaching her to sew to do it :) I've got to work on a new costume for myself, DH, and MrA as well, I've got big plans ^.^
Alright folks signing off for now, I'll update soon and maybe give some sneak peaks on the RF costumes.


Saw this on CraftGossip today.

A tutorial for those of us who have potty trainers, seems like a really well done tutorial, check it out!
Home Sweet Homebodies: Easy- On Potty Training Pants: Tutorial and Pattern


Ooh it's an exciting life

Who's slacking around here in the crazy days of the end of summer/start of school (for some lucky people).... just me then? Oops *shame* Well I won't bore you with the self flagellation, things have been crazy around here for a while and you all will just be grateful to have me come honor you with my presence now and again. Please don't beat me, I'm pale and bruise easily. Well when last I posted we were gearing up for my birthday, prepping for my little brother to come visit us and general miscellaneous life stuff. I decided not to count the post about the trucks or asking for info about t-shirt blanks. Life here in Texas is hot, no really. I know it comes as a shock to all of you, it shocked me too. I can't say that much is going on in the house renovating world, the only work we've really done on the house is repairs to the air conditioner (remember me mentioning it being HOT?) On the crafting front there's been quite a bit of progress. The Halloween quilt is finished, and getting lots of love here around the house. Halloween Quilt complete (you like my sexy sad dead grass?) I'm going to be featured over on Distant Pickles on the 17th for their Cauldron Crafts special (link on my sidebar, go check it out, a whole month of Halloween awesomeness!) There's also going to be a tutorial over there from me on how to make this back Along with instructions on how to draft the pattern for it, and a free embroidery pattern for the cute little candy corn. Not sure which day it'll be (since I'm still typing up the tutorial now) but it will be there sometime so go subscribe, Bree and Julie over there are awesome anyway and I'm sure you won't regret it! Alright peeps, I've got a tutorial to work on and some embroidery to do, hope your labor day weekend is going great.



I got a call from my dad today while I was giving MrA a bath, this is not an unusual occurrence. He called to tell me there was a fire in Elsinore, on our family's property and the surrounding areas. The residence on the property is still standing which is a very very good thing, but my trucks from the looks of it are pretty bad. This is a link to the story, there are some pictures, in on you can see the hull of a gorgeous Dodge truck, that's one of mine, my dad gave it to me when I was only a little bit older than Alex. The very good news is from the sound of it no one was hurt in the blaze, homes can be rebuilt, vehicles can be repurchased, memories are always being made, but human life is not so easily replaceable. It still hurts though, that's more than 20 years of memories tied to that truck.
....I just looked through the pictures more, pretty much every shot that they have of trucks damaged in the fire are mine, poor trucks :'(


T shirt blanks?

Does anyone have a good source for cheap t shirt blanks? I'd like to do some shirts for MrA but these seems to be kind of expensive....


Woooo getting stuff done!

I've actually been productive recently, my Halloween quilt is on my machine right now being quilted (well no not right this second, right now I'm typing and it's sitting next to my machine, but the quilting has started and I'm really happy with it.)
now to baste
and here it is being quilted
quilting begun
I've got a hat for MrA being cut out right now, I just finished his pj shirt and now I'm on the hunt for cheap t-shirt blanks to decorate for him.
Yesterday was FIL's surgery, according to MIL it went well now he's in recovery and crotchety :)
Day before was BIL's surgery for his knee, he was doing well until a little bit ago when my SIL had to rush him to the ER, blood clot. MrA and I will be heading to Hannah's house in a bit to let Cosmo inside.
Alright the kid is stirring, I'll add more later :)