WIP Wednday

Ooooh I'm totally excited, I've never actually participated properly in one of these :)
Yes I'm back from the land of bloggy slacking, it was an interesting place, but I think I like it here better, more cozy and such.
I got a comment today from Miss Dana, which reminded me that I really did miss all y'all, and I hope you forgive me for being so behind, I promise that once tomorrow dawns (with some light!) I'll get some pretty pictures of what I've been working on to make it up to you!

My poor camera took a nose dive while we were taking Mr.A to the zoo a couple months back, we had it repaired and it's now back home where it belongs, waiting to be used and abused once more. I missed it terribly.

So on to what's been going on here in Conqueror land while I've been away.

First off was Christmas stockings for my mom and family, 10 in all. Of course I didn't take pictures of all the finished products, but rest assured they came out cute, and hopefully will be enjoyed for many years to come.

My little sister's quilt that I've been working on forever is almost done, sadly I totally slacked on basting it so the bottom half needs to be re-basted and then quilted, it's folded up glaring reproachfully from my sewing desk.

Also being worked on right now is our Winter quilt, since we celebrate and decorate by seasons here in our house I know this will get lots of use and hopefully lots of love. There are pieces of this strewn all over my living room right now, it's a bit like a winter bomb went off...

Last, and most special right now is Mr.A's big boy quilt. Right now we're working on getting him out of our bed and into his very own big boy bed. A few nights ago, while I was begging him to please please please go to sleep in his big boy bed and pretty please stop head butting my face in so I can sleep, I asked him if he'd sleep in his big boy bed if he had his very own big boy quilt. I'd had the fabric to make him this quilt for months and months but I just hadn't had the opportunity to make it. He readily agreed, and the next morning when he woke up he dragged me over to my sewing machine and tasked me to sew. My little slave driver had me pressing and cutting all morning, now that it's partially cut (and of course I started sewing, I can't cut without a little reward for myself) I find myself wondering what kind of batting I should be using. What do you all think readers? We live here in Texas for now, and it doesn't really get THAT cold, but I don't want to limit myself too much. So what do you think? Cotton, wool, bamboo? What options are out there? This quilt isn't going to be terribly large so price isn't really that limiting, and really, even if the price for the batting is insane, if it's going to last years and years it really doesn't matter. So lay it on me readers, what should I use?

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Dana said...

About time too!! I've missed seeing your posts, Which batting all depends on what look you want to acheive, lofty and cosy Id go with quilters dream puff (synthetic but so light and duvet like) I like quilters dream select,(cotton) its quite thin but the quilting turned out really nice on my children at play quilt and it was great for free motioning with.- Its my new favourite. Nice to have you back x