Life is rawring by

Well it's been a few weeks since I've updated, sadly not much sewing to share, though I finished making MrA's Halloween costume just in time I really didn't get many pictures. I plan to dress him up again soon and do a photo shoot.
The visit with my dad went great, MrA really loves his grandpa and I really enjoyed having him visit.
We've been having some family issues so right now we're just planning on circling the wagons and working on what needs to be addressed. MrA has been enjoying the time we've been spending together, this weekend it was a picnic at the park on Saturday and trains on Sunday, it was wonderful :)
I hope to be able to produce a bit more of a cheerful update soon, maybe with this quilt FINALLY  being finished!

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Dana said...

Hey Val, Havnt heard from your blog in a little while. How was your Christmas? been crafting lately? Hope your ok, Dana xx