This and That

Well todays post is going to be all over the place, just run with it.
I hadn't mentioned it on here before since I doubt that anyone really wants to hear about my stupid teeth, but mine kind of suck, I had a temp crown put in a couple weeks ago, (my dentist's office outsources the permanent crowns so they can't put on a permanent one til it arrives) the damn temp has fallen off twice. Quite painfully this last time. Like a railroad spike through my jaw when I went to try to clean out my mouth (since of course I was eating when it happened) I get the temp one reglued today in the afternoon, here's hoping that it'll stay put until next week when I get my permanent one in.
Also my dad will be flying out for a visit next week, I'm super excited about it. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my dad before on here, if not I'll summarize quickly for you.
A brief rundown of Valerie's life
Dad is an alcoholic, my mom left him before I turned one, he'll have 20 years of sobriety this June, I'm very, very proud of him for this. He also just quit smoking this August for my birthday :) once again, very proud :)
My dad and I are close, like talk to each other several times a week close, I admire and respect him greatly, and he always has some fun stories to tell about grown up and just life stuff. People know him as Eric the Blessed, not because his life is sunshine and roses (far far far from it) but because he feels that every day is a good day, you're alive, you can walk, well then be happy. Yes it can get a bit annoying :) but it's pretty awesome too :)
Since we bought our house my dad has been flying out to help me work on stuff, this trip is going to be electrical since the wiring in our kitchen is BAD, like fire hazard bad. It'll be fixed next week. My dad is a general contractor and has been doing this sort of thing since before I was born (and is honestly really really good at what he does, the man's an artist) so it's awesome having someone who knows what he's doing show me how to do it right.
Well ok that wasn't really all that brief :)
But here's a picture from last Halloween of Alex and my dad as a reward for sticking through this boring post :)


stephmabry said...

My husband just had his temporary crown replaced with the permanent one yesterday. I'd say be glad that yours keeps falling out - his was stuck TOO well! Apparently they don't normally use novacaine for the procedure, but for him they had to because his wouldn't come off. My advice would be to take some ibuprofen or something before you go in for that part! :-\

Dana said...

Thats terrible you must be in so much pain!! Sounds like you need a much stronger glue, hope it gets sorted next week. Its so lovely that you are close with your Dad- I wish I had that sort of relationship with mine but when you have had religon rammed down your throat in not so nice ways all your life you tend to rebel against it, congrats to your dad on his sobriety and the way he looks at life is to be commended.