It's raining, it's pouring

The old man is snoring...
Well the dog is.
And the boy child.
It feels like so much has been changing recently, it's kind of exciting :)
Let me see if I can remember what's been going on so I can update you....

couches! Ha, yes. We got new couches a couple weeks ago.
New to me couches at least :)
I hated our old ones for a while now, they were serviceable but itchy and always seemed to be filthy thanks to the dog.
Lucky for me my best friend liked them, she sent her big strong husband down from Waco to pick them up (along with dropping off some homemade tamales, yum thanks 'Nee!)
After that I scoured Craigslist for some new ones that I could love. And found these, they're big, soft, and squishy. I love them greatly! And for only 150$
They did need some serious cleaning (and still do) but lucky for me Pinterest has taught me how to clean microfiber (thanks Pinterest!)
But they make me a very happy lady.

Let's see what else?
I managed to power through MrA's quilt, he's sleeping in his big boy bed right now wrapped up in it. I hope it sees many spills, rips, lots of dirt, and even more love. It somehow managed to take me less than a week from start to finish. I know I can't believe it either!

I'm still being terrible about my sister's quilt, it's sitting on the arm chair by my sewing machine right now, glaring reproachfully at me. It really needs to be rebasted and then I need to sit down and power through it.
It's really terrible, I still adore the quilt, every time I see it I smile, I just... well we all know basting sucks! ;)

Right now I have several people in my life having babies so I've got even more baby quilts to add to my ever growing list (I think I'm up to 6 now that need to be done!)

And last but not least, after having talked to the husband guy for many moons about this, we're beginning to start researching adoption.
Even before I met my husband I had planned on adopting, when we met and married I kind of gave up the hope since he isn't a huge kid fan, but he's the one who's brought it up the last few times we talked about it.
The first time he had just seen that movie Despicable Me (how cute is he?), we agreed that we'd look into it when the time was right.
The last time was a couple weeks ago, he told me that before MrA he was worried that adopting might not work because he wasn't sure he'd be able to love a child but after having Alex he knew without a doubt that he'd be able to give another child love, and that would be the greatest gift you could give to any child.
I know isn't he a dream? Back off he's mine ;)
And so the research starts, we're going to be looking into the foster/adopt program. We don't want a young baby, probably the youngest we'll look at is 2+, we want to provide a home for a little one who doesn't have as much of a chance to be adopted, so different ethnicities, a bit older...
We'll see where this journey takes us, but I'm very excited to begin it.

And maybe to begin making a quilt for a new addition to OUR home, as well as other peoples :)
Alright signing off, I've got puzzles to clean up off the living room floor.


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All I have to say is... Awesome! I wish you guys all the best in your newest journey. =)

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