Miss me?

Hey there readers long time no see!
What, it was all my fault? And if I had actually posted something you would have been around?
Well... lets change the subject shall we?
Guess what I have for you... pictures!
I know I never really post pictures, what can I say, I'm lazy.
I'm not sure how familiar with Texas any of you are, but here we are ALL ABOUT our wildflowers. It's a major thing to get your kid's pictures taken in the blue bonnets (the Texas state flower), thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, we have these gorgeous stretches of flowers all over the state. Thanks LBJ!
Meet the Texas blue bonnet, this picture does not do the rich blues justice, also in the picture is a albino blue bonnet, which are apparently very rare, I got several pictures of it, sadly maybe only one came out :/
Well last year the blue bonnets didn't really come up, thanks to our horrible drought, and so I missed snagging shots of MrA in them (photoshop anyone?) but this year...
This year thanks to our mild winter and tons of rain we got quite a spread. These pictures I took don't even do it justice, there were tiny little butterflies fluttering through the flowers, and the smell... even while my allergies were attempting to murder me I tried to drink it in.
and of course being the good blogger that I am, I brought a quilt or two to pictures of.
Full disclosure, I had to bribe the child to get him to participate in quilt pictures, by this point he was camera-ed out and was much more interested in stomping through the flowers than smiling for his mom.
One of my best friends is expecting and this is her new little girl's blanket. We get to wait until August to see if she likes it though.
I can't wait until next year to get some shots of her in the blue bonnets, with her quilt.
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend everyone, I'm hoping my next post I can show y'all some WIPs <3

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