Woooo getting stuff done!

I've actually been productive recently, my Halloween quilt is on my machine right now being quilted (well no not right this second, right now I'm typing and it's sitting next to my machine, but the quilting has started and I'm really happy with it.)
now to baste
and here it is being quilted
quilting begun
I've got a hat for MrA being cut out right now, I just finished his pj shirt and now I'm on the hunt for cheap t-shirt blanks to decorate for him.
Yesterday was FIL's surgery, according to MIL it went well now he's in recovery and crotchety :)
Day before was BIL's surgery for his knee, he was doing well until a little bit ago when my SIL had to rush him to the ER, blood clot. MrA and I will be heading to Hannah's house in a bit to let Cosmo inside.
Alright the kid is stirring, I'll add more later :)

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Vicky said...

What a fantastic Halloween quilt! What is the fabric line you used?