I got a call from my dad today while I was giving MrA a bath, this is not an unusual occurrence. He called to tell me there was a fire in Elsinore, on our family's property and the surrounding areas. The residence on the property is still standing which is a very very good thing, but my trucks from the looks of it are pretty bad. This is a link to the story, there are some pictures, in on you can see the hull of a gorgeous Dodge truck, that's one of mine, my dad gave it to me when I was only a little bit older than Alex. The very good news is from the sound of it no one was hurt in the blaze, homes can be rebuilt, vehicles can be repurchased, memories are always being made, but human life is not so easily replaceable. It still hurts though, that's more than 20 years of memories tied to that truck.
....I just looked through the pictures more, pretty much every shot that they have of trucks damaged in the fire are mine, poor trucks :'(

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Dana said...

Val, thats just terrible, I'm so sorry to hear about your trucks, and ofcourse its still going to hurt, they were a part of your life. Im curious as to how many trucks you had and how you aquired them. p.s your parcel never did show..just wanted to let you know incase you thought I was being rude!