Ooh it's an exciting life

Who's slacking around here in the crazy days of the end of summer/start of school (for some lucky people).... just me then? Oops *shame* Well I won't bore you with the self flagellation, things have been crazy around here for a while and you all will just be grateful to have me come honor you with my presence now and again. Please don't beat me, I'm pale and bruise easily. Well when last I posted we were gearing up for my birthday, prepping for my little brother to come visit us and general miscellaneous life stuff. I decided not to count the post about the trucks or asking for info about t-shirt blanks. Life here in Texas is hot, no really. I know it comes as a shock to all of you, it shocked me too. I can't say that much is going on in the house renovating world, the only work we've really done on the house is repairs to the air conditioner (remember me mentioning it being HOT?) On the crafting front there's been quite a bit of progress. The Halloween quilt is finished, and getting lots of love here around the house. Halloween Quilt complete (you like my sexy sad dead grass?) I'm going to be featured over on Distant Pickles on the 17th for their Cauldron Crafts special (link on my sidebar, go check it out, a whole month of Halloween awesomeness!) There's also going to be a tutorial over there from me on how to make this back Along with instructions on how to draft the pattern for it, and a free embroidery pattern for the cute little candy corn. Not sure which day it'll be (since I'm still typing up the tutorial now) but it will be there sometime so go subscribe, Bree and Julie over there are awesome anyway and I'm sure you won't regret it! Alright peeps, I've got a tutorial to work on and some embroidery to do, hope your labor day weekend is going great.


Carolyn said...

Love, love, love the little purse! I've always wanted to know how to use that metal-purse-opener-thinger-majiger!

Alli said...

Those are both really cute Halloween projects!

Dana said...

The quilt is GORGEOUS! I love the dark grey background, those colours really pop, and the purse is adorable too, d x