Working on Halloween

Well it would seem that things are finally looking up here weather wise in Texas. According to the news the fires are being handled and the weather is actually starting to feel nice, like fall.
Speaking of fall I've been working on my Halloween stuff. Table cloth and napkins for the table, painting some peg dolls like the ones that Bree over at Distant Pickles showed me (too bad I only found the really tiny dolls instead of the slightly bigger ones) I'm even mostly done with MrA's Halloween costume, I'd show you a picture but apparently Flickr wants to be spiteful and not let me upload my latest stuff.
I was finally good and finished the coin pouch tutorial, it's going to be posted later this month on Distant Pickles so make sure to keep an eye over there :)
I've also been plugging away on Miss Sam's quilt, about 3/4 of the way done with the top now, I feel terrible about taking so long on it, especially since I really love it whenever I'm working on it, I just don't have motivation most of the time.
I'm loving how bright it's looking, so cheerful, perfect for a tween girl :)
This week is also when I'm gearing up for Ren Faire. It looks like we'll be taking BIL, his GF and her 2 little ones too. I'm really excited about it, BIL's GF (I've got to get a name for her on here, that's just a pia to type!) is a Ren Faire virgin and I offered to help her with a costume, I'll be teaching her to sew to do it :) I've got to work on a new costume for myself, DH, and MrA as well, I've got big plans ^.^
Alright folks signing off for now, I'll update soon and maybe give some sneak peaks on the RF costumes.

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