Doc's office

We went to the doctors today. Obviously he wasn't thrilled. I was though sort of...
He received about a million shots (also known as 3) and an oral vaccine (wish all of them could have been oral)
When I laid him on the table to start with the shots he turns to me and gives me this huge and gorgeous smile...
ya I felt terrible.
On the plus side- he got a clean bill of health, the Dr. said he looks great. He now weighs 12.06 lbs and is 24 inches tall. In the 75 and 89 percentiles respectively.
Apparently when he was born his height was in the 96th percent range. He's gonna be taaaalllll, sure didn't get that from me.
So now I have lots of fun things to look out for after these vaccines-
redness, swelling, fever, loose stools, behavior changes, difficulty breathing, hives, paleness, weakness, seizures, and collapse.
Oh the joys of vaccinations.
Funny thing though?
Even with all those risks I still am willing to get them...

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Michelle & Co. said...

Poor lil man and poor Momma! I bet it broke your heart when they stuck him. :(