I suppose you deserve an update

I know I've been really terrible about updating, but I try! I really do! A really hasn't made it easy on me with that though, it's damned hard to type one handed.
So what's been going on in our lives?
A is now 3 months old, he's getting a lot more control of his upper body. I'm so torn with that, I'm so excited to watch him grow and excited for the next stages of his life, but I so love the stages he's in, and the ones that he was in before. I suppose it's a mommy thing.
I've gotten a lot more active on the boards over at baby center. Thanks to that I've gotten into gDiapers (which I'm loooooving- will post pictures soon I hope). And have in the past week bought-
a teething necklace for A
a sling for me
new soap for all of us
and before this week I managed to get ahold of a shit ton of gDiapers- unfortunate most of them are size S, so my stock isn't going to last too long.
The dogs have been wonderful recently, we're thinking that we might stow the crate in the garage since we haven't had to put them in it when we leave now.

There have been people complaining that they don't know what to get me for christmas, so I'm posting a list of things I want, so there :P no complaining.
-ring sling
-sewing machine
-mei tai
-g Diapers and cloth inserts
-woven wrap
-nursing tops
-new tattoos
-a million dollars
-a pony
ok just kidding on those last two.
...unless you have a million dollars to spare. ^.^

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