Ug teeth

The boy is getting more teeth, he's already cut 6. Yes. 6. And now 6 teeth into it he's getting shitty about it. For the first few we've done will with his amber necklace, Tylenol, and teething tabs. But now I think I may need to find him some teethers that will help a bit more. I worry about the crap that's in the ones in stores. The plastics and the chemicals just bug me. And I don't like lining the pockets of the corporations and people who profit from child labor and unfair labor laws. So now I'm on the hunt for some good wooden teething toys. Maybe a rattle like this one. Or maybe some funky blocks. I donno something.
I just know that if I see one more plastic toy from China I'm gonna vomit.


Sevibabyyy said...

That is the cutest teether ever! Please get it, your child will be the coolest kid on the block if he has it!

Michelle & Co. said...

I have no idea if its made in China, but this thing is awesome! http://razbaby.com/razbaby-razz-berry-teether.php connor has the clear blue one (got at CVS for $3) he hates paci's or other teethers but LOVES this, he will chew on it 4 ever. worth a try. Only downer, it kinda looks 'diiirty' LOL

Happy Teething! :)

Tess Que said...

i ended up getting Keegan one from Ikea, he loves it even now.