Just how behind am I??

Well to answer that question, apparently, very.
I just realized that my super sweet friend Heather nominated me for the Stylish Blogger award. Isn't she a sweetheart? Since every blog that I follow (all 500000000000 of them it seems sometimes) has probably already won this I'm just going to give you a link to a few to check out. That being said, go check out Heather's first, since, like I said already, she's a sweetheart.
The other thing you're supposed to do with this blog is share 7 things about yourself, that's pretty easily done considering how much I looooove to talk, and even better talk about meeeee.
Here we go, 7 things you may or may not have known about me:
1) I'm an atheist. Yep that's me, an evil evil atheist. Full of evil you know. And evil. Go ahead, go be shocked somewhere, I'll wait.
2) (are you done being shocked yet? good.) I'm a bit of a socialist, but with anarchist tendencies. That actually makes me relate a bit to the original Republicans and their want for small government. So with a lot of issues I go either way, I want the government to back out of people's business, but I'm a firm believer that since they're there they should be helping people. Crazy no?
3) I'm a huge crafter. I love love love crafting. Love it. Scrapbooking? Quilting? Sewing? Anything pretty much. I like to cook even, I'm just not as good at it as I'd like to be.
4) I like to listen to classical music when I'm angry. I'm generally a big rock fan, I like screaming angry music, but if I've passed through anger, fury and all other realms of anger I like classical, it helps me focus. So if you hear Mozart when you come visit and you think something may have upset me earlier, don't bother knocking, I'm not a nice person when I'm upset.
5) I'm the nicest mean person you'll ever meet, or the meanest nice person, I'm not really sure which.
6) I think my 75 lb dog is too small. I love gigantic dogs. The bigger the better. If my car breaks down I want to be able to ride the dog like a horse to the store. *disclaimer- it is not recommended to ride dogs, their bone structure is not built for significant weight so poorly distributed, please do not ride your dogs to the store*
7) I always planned to die young and surrounded by my cats. I fully intended to become the crazy cat lady on the block and still adore cats, but since I hate litter boxes and don't believe that cats should be outside animals now that they've been domesticated (ha!) that isn't going to happen. We have our one cat, who's litter box actually needs to be cleaned right now.
So I'll sign off now folks, I've got a quilt top to go piece and a litter box to con J into cleaning.

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