one down

one down by Mellorian
one down, a photo by Mellorian on Flickr.

I'm finally getting to work on my Halloween quilt, it's always been my favorite holiday and I really want to make sure it's a special holiday for A as well. That means having special things that we pull out just for that time. We decorate for seasons though, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, since I like summer the least (hate hate hate summer, even though my birthday is in Aug) we have no decor for that made yet, luckily since I've been following so many awesome blogs I have plenty of ideas to work on for next summer's decorations (lots of blues and yellows, with bits of white and red, think nautical thoughts :) )

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stephmabry said...

I have the goal to make pennants for each of the big holidays. So far I have fabric for Halloween and Christmas, and half of what I need for Easter. I'm not a big holiday person, but figure even I can handle doing that much. :)