Mayhem, San Antonio

Well as some of you know yesterday was spent in San Ant for the Mayhem tour, if you're given the opportunity to check it out I'd definitely recommend going. Well at least going to see Disturbed. They're the only band we actually watched.
We took a glance at Airborn, it's not often I'm embarrassed for many people... but hey yesterday was a first for a lot of things. Never in my life have I been around several thousand people and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was blatantly more attractive, intelligent, better bred..... and a million other things. Dear god, the blatent inbreeding alone was enough to clinch that for me. If you were there, had the normal amount of teeth, 2 eyes (in the right-ish place), one nose, one mouth, 2 ears and a chin to speak of....then well I'm sorry I probably didn't see you. Why didn't I to see you? My eyes, by the end of the day, were begging for mercy.
I'll be the first to admit that back in the day I would wear things that were a little risque, and that was fine, I covered what should have been covered and left bare enough to make things interesting, but holy shit.... the things some of these girls were wearing yesterday... if you look like you ate a beach ball, please do not wear a bikini top with fishnets and a skirt better fitting a 5 year old child. Please just don't.
And it really was that bad, worse actually.
So many people there looked like their parents were blood related, and I'm not talking cousins. Please people, don't marry your sisters, that's the moral of this story...
All in all though, a great time. We left after taking a glimpse at Airborn, they embarassed me and made me feel bad for all the people there who for all appearances were enjoying themselves. We got lucky and they let us back in for Disturbed, who were awesome. Pure blatent greatness. Go for Disturbed, but check the times and only go for them.
The End.

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severina ware said...

lol! oh the joy of backwood texans. you do know that i love it. it sounds like it was a nightmare feast for you eyes.