you're joking right?

This week has definitely been one for the record. I've been sick more times since we've moved to Texas (that's since may folks) than the several (3) years since I moved back to Cali from Maryland.
Yep that's right I'm sick again. And let me tell you being pregnant makes it a million times worse. You can't take freaking anything for it. No cough medicine is considered safe, so you can pop some pills, but you're gonna have a 3 legged 8 eyed baby. Even more fun is gonna be my pay check for this week, of lack there of. Ya it's gonna be depressing, Monday I left early b/c it was so slow, Tuesday I was sick and so didn't go in, Wed I went in til noon but had to leave, Thursday was my day off (oh it was also the day that I was the sickest, yay life) today is Friday and I'm still sick as a dog. My boss is covering my shift for me today, but I have to go in this weekend, which I'm torn about, I usually really enjoy working weekends but if I keep feeling like this it's going to be horrid.
So in closing, the pressure in my head makes it feel like it's being shoved into a deep pool, my throat hurts, I'm coughing up a storm, and most of the time I cough too much and end up throwing up whatever I've managed to get down my torn up throat. And I'm not supposed to take meds for it other than my antibiotics. Kill me?
Pretty Please?


Anonymous said...

I heart you!!! Feel better soon!! I so need to come see you one weekend too!

Tess said...

sorry til hear that darlin. Texas is rough on the immune system. hope you get to feeling better soon. you need to come stay with me a few days. the air is clearer in college station. i don't even get sick there =)miss you girly, will talk to you soon i hope.