shopping list/registry

So since I started baby shopping I've noticed that I've been using my registry for more of a shopping list than a list of things I'd like other people to get us. I guess that's a pretty good thing y'know? Get all the lame boring stuff and leave all the fun things for other people to buy, that way you aren't going around asking people to get you lame shit. Today while Renee and I were at JoAnne's Fabrics (loooove that place) I found a boppy for like 20 bucks, not a name brand one but really who care's if it's the stupid name brand, it'll be put to good use I'm sure, I just need to get covers for it, and Renee has pretty much volunteered her sewing skills for that (thank god since I'm hopeless with it) all I'm gonna have to do is supply the fabric, and no complaints with that, that just means I'll have the coolest one on the block. I also found an awesome fabric remnant for like a dollar, I just need to figure out what I'm gonna do with it.
PS did you know they sell awesome transfters for baby stuff????? OMG it's enough to make me want to go out and buy an iron. Or even better buy the baby stuff and go over and visit J's mom (from now on she'll be refered to as M#2) and she can have fun with them too, cuz I know she's all kinds of excited about this baby. Probably a little bit more than we are. But that's ok cuz I'm excited that she's excited. ^.^

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Tess said...

i so got the baby something today. and found a bunch of other things that i need to see if you put on the lists =) so excited fro all ya'll =)can't wait to meet the lil booger