I miss my weekends

Anyone else having funky schedules for work recently? Mine has been full of hardcore suck-age. Though I admit this week has been better than the past few work-wise. The weather though has taken a turn for the crappy, and I don't know if I've ever missed California more than today. Well no, I take that back, I miss California weather most today, I've missed other Cali things more other days.
The dogs and I just got back from a walk, in the rain, the icy cold miserable rain. Ick. I still can't feel my toes. Today will be a- turn the heat up and try to do as much as possible day, just so I can feel all warm and accomplished.
J realized just how much time is in our lease last night. Not much. And now we have until like May the 1st to apply for loans, find a house, buy it, make it livable, and move in. All with his work/school schedule (which is horrid) yep I'll be doing most of the work, the only time he'll have time to look at houses will be on weekends, which I will be working for at least this month.
No not really, I'm still pretty content with my life, even if it is a bit crazy right now. My dad said that he plans to come out here and visit again before his July visit. Which will be soooooo awesome! I'm kind of halfway hoping that we'll have bought a house before he gets out here so I can take him with me when I go shopping for supplies to fix it. He'd be such a huge help with me for that, I mean really- 35+ years of experience can probably get me a damn good idea of what I do need and what I don't. Oh and if we end up getting one of the houses we're looking at (which needs so much work its kind of scary) there's a backyard appartment thing that he can stay at when he visits *cough-gets kidnapped and forced to live here with us forever-cough* I don't think he'd mind too much, but it's one of the ones on my list that is gonna need probably the most work, but for some reason I kind of like it the best, probably the iron fence out front, I could plant vines on it :)
Well I've got R coming over to hang out, she's bringing Oggie's baby so I should probably clean up a little bit, my floor is a hot mess. I'll update later if I have any news.
Oh ps- last Dr.'s visit little A was 12oz, growing just like he's supposed to be.

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