Baby Shower

Well today I was talking to my mom on facebook *side-note, how weird is that?!?* asking for her opinion on registry items- things that I'll def need, just generally trying to get an idea if I need to add anything to it. *it can now be viewed on myregistry.com, password is baby, gimme some feedback on it* So she was asking about the shower, who was throwing it, when it would be, all of that jazz. Turns out one of her co-workers *actually used to be one of my co-workers too, but that was a while back* had suggested that they have a party the same day so we can all celebrate the same day since I'll still be in Texas, and I'm sure not everyone *read: anyone* would be able to get out here from California. Well I blame the hormones but seriously that idea made me cry, it's so sweet that even though I'm all the way out here I still have people back home who want to be involved.
That really made my day :)
PS also making my day, this is actually old news but still- my MIL the OM is so excited about this LO, she's decided to throw the shower for us *which for so many different people would be pushy or something but with her and the whole family is just the most sweet, loving and adorable thing ever :) * this woman seriously makes me cry- in a good way.
Alright I really don't have anything else to add for the day, sad note, R and the baby were going to come up tomorrow but Oggie's baby is sick poor thing *both the baby and R* so it'll be another stay at home day probably, maybe I'll check out the scrapbook store. I miss H.
*random thought that has nothing to do with any of this- I'm so in love with the song Cupid's Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes, it's so cute!!!!!*


Tyson, Michelle & Roxy said...

I Love baby registries! LOL Make sure ya get the lil man a swing! They are a life saver!!! Congrats again! I'm so excited for you!!!

Jayme said...

miss you! YAY baby! congrats!