Yes I admit I'm a total slacker, I haven't updated this thing in way too long. In my defense though, it's hard to type one handed and pretty much the only time I'm on the computer I've got the boyo. So an update on my life, baby is good, husband is good, family for the most part is good. I got word on Friday from my baby sister that my step-dad/mom's ex husband is getting remarried. On Tuesday. Wow thanks for telling me, ya you're right you totally see me as one of your kids. Honestly though I only wish him the best. According to my dad he's going to be renting my family's property in Elsinore, which is awesome, now my uncle isn't paying for everything there on his own.
We're still living with A, J's brother. It pretty much is hell at the moment. He's back with his ex. This past week on Monday I went to go throw her out and ended up talking to her. She managed to convince me that she'd changed, that all the horrible things she'd done was just bad PR and everything that wasn't made up was just the medication that she shouldn't have been on. True she shouldn't have been on meds, unfortunately the "bad" PR? Yeah, bull. She hasn't changed at all, still lies, still tries to manipulate people. Arg I wish I hadn't been so gullible, I was nice to her, I agreed not to kick her out, and now I feel like shit about that. How the hell did she manage to convince me all that? Was I just so desperate for company that I was willing to buy that bullshit she was spooning me?
I guess I was.
I'm desperately trying to be better about getting out. To be better about giving people a chance without immediately deciding that we'd never get along (look where that one got me). I know that I tend to be a homebody and I get really antisocial when I'm depressed, which tends to feed into each other. But I'm working on it.
Really I am.

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Tess Que said...

please please please tell me i read that wrong. she is a lying hurtful snake. you are a greater person than i for giving her even the smallest chance. stay strong sweetie. i'm glad you guys are doing good otherwise. hopefully get to see you guys soon. lots of love