Another weekend down

I'm so glad that I only have to work weekends, being at home with A during the week is so much fun (though hard w/o a car). I'm really torn every time I go to work though, I love my co-workers, I love working with animals, I even love most of our clients (Mrs.R is by far one of the sweetest ever) but I HATE waking up early, I hate missing time with A, and I hate stupid clients. I hate them, hate them, hate them. Not that I'm having a tantrum about it or anything ^.^
This weekend wasn't so bad for clients, we did have one lady come in with a dying cat that was weird, P was on with me (it was close to when I was off) and she was the one who did most of the work with her (that's cuz P is a BAMF) but seriously, this woman brought in a cat that she had for 20 YEARS, and didn't even seem upset that the poor thing was dying, maybe it's just me, but if Loki was dying I'd be a wee bit upset about it, but hey, that's just me.
Also this weekend (and also while P was on with me) we had a woman come in with some fuuuunkay ass pigtails, at 50. Yep this woman was 50 years old, in pigtails. And cut-off sweat pants, and ugg boots. WITH PIGTAILS!
Sorry really bad fashion worries me.
Ok no more work talk.
This past week we made friends with the girls across the street. Well one girl, and her momma :)
She's a cute little thing isn't she? R2 was born about 2 weeks after A, her momma works at the fire department (how cool is that!!!) M (R2's momma) is pretty darn awesome, I can't wait to get to hang out with the 2 of them more. Last night went I went over there to return her cutting board (we cooked pot roast the first night we hung out) I got to meet R2's daddy S, who seems pretty cool too.
Oh I forgot, I never did get around to posting Halloween pictures did I?
Can you believe we got all of us in a picture???? It's pretty impressive if I do say so myself ^.^

A was a white tiger (formally a zebra from walmart, but really? that doens't look like a zebra to me at all)

And finally a tummy time shot since he's just now tolerating it.
And that's the real reason he's tolerating it, because he loves to look at the dogs. Oggie's taken a real shine to him, and A is now trying to eat Loki when she gets too close :)

Its a good life.

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Tess Que said...

Omg LOVE IT! He is getting to be SO big. I miss you guys tons! Hopefully get to see you guys sometime soon. Kisses fro everyone =)