What a weekend

Wow this has been quite a weekend for us.
We called the cops on the unwelcome one, they said that unfortunately because a person living here has no consideration for the others in the house (ha, don't we all love understatements) they can't kick her out.
The fun part of that was actually talking to the cops, they were really nice, and watching their faces when they finally understood the whole situation...
yeah it was funny, they felt really bad for us, and the female officer made a point to remind us to report if anything was damaged or missing.
It's frustrating to realize that we could just kick our house mate out for violating the lease, but that would be cruel.
I really want to be cruel.

On a lighter note, we put an offer on a house this weekend too. And got some much needed shopping in for random crap.
I hope we get this house. We would close by the beginning of May. I can stay calm that long, I've dealt with worse.


Briney's Wifey said...

oooo i would have kicked her butt out!

btw fingers crossed!

Jayme said...

i had no clue you even had a housemate. She sounds like a pain in the ass!

Tess Que said...

I hope the witch is out of your hair soon hun. she really is a pain, and you guys don't' need that stress. between house hunting and lil man cutting teeth.Hope everything works out for the awesome. i really want you guys to get a house so i can give you cool house stuff lol. Hang tight ya'll, miss you guys, much love.