Blllug zombie day

Well happy zombie day everyone, it only seems appropriate that I feel like total shit today. Gotta love allergy season in Texas right? On a positive note it is absolutely stunning out here right now. The bluebonnets have started coming up all over Austin so when you're driving if you look anywhere you'll be seeing beautiful carpets of blue. Funny thing is that it totally makes me miss California and all the poppies lining the highways.
Poor Lex is suffering from allergies too so he's miserable, and sleeping tons today. Lucky me J was an angel and watched the boyo til almost 1 when I finally was able to drag myself out of bed.
According to our realtor we're about 2 weeks from closing on the house, unfortunately the idiot female loan officer is starting to muck things up. If she continues I'm thinking we may end up going through my family's company (which I wanted to do in the first place) Either way we're getting a house soon and I can't wait. We've got boxes sitting here waiting to be packed (probably should be getting started on that sometime soon)
Have to admit I'm almost sad to be moving now. We've got some awesome neighbors that I'm going to miss. True I'll still be able to see them, but how convenient is it to just walk out of your house and into a friends? It's awesome!
Well it's back to work time. Happy zombie day everyone, have some jello brains for me, I'm gonna go feel sorry for myself.

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