Breastmilk Satisfies

*Has anyone heard of this recent campaign? There seems to be quite a bit of controversy going on about it.
I first read about the campaign over at Blacktating which is an amazing blog, if you haven't heard of her, go read her archives. Now.
That being said, she pointed out that many news articles have been quoting people viewing these ads as "distasteful" which, honestly to me, is just sad.
Have these people ever fed a child? Cuz seriously, I don't think there's a singe time I've ever fed my son when he didn't end up covered in food. Kids drool, they play with their food, they spit. Shit happens. Possibly people should get their heads examined. I know what people are thinking this looks like, and that pretty much shows how fucked up our world is right now.

*photo property of cleveland leader

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