Well how's that for falling behind, it's been months since I've posted. I know, I know, I'm terrible. But I do have a pretty good excuse since we still aren't in our house yet. I keep hoping and planning for us to get in there but it just keeps getting pushed back. Right now we're still flooring it at J's parent's house. I have to say, while it's supremely appreciated, if I don't get into my own house soon I'm very concerned that I'm going to lose my mind.
This Wednesday I'll be turning 24, it's not a big milestone and the number doesn't scare me much but I have to be honest, I'm not really looking forward to this birthday. It's nothing really having to do with the birthday, more like I don't really want to have a big deal made about nothing. Yes it celebrates a year that I've lived, but really? I don't care. More important birthdays have happened recently, my son just turned 1, and as we all know that's a big damn milestone, not because it's a long time, but because we've managed to have him a whole year and not do any permanent damage, yeah us.
I'd post a picture of the party but apparently blogger wants to be a little prick. Fine, screw you blogger, you are denied pictures.
Tomorrow J and I go work on the house again, he's going to be cutting in corners on the cabinets and putting in a second coat of paint (hate oil based paint, lots and lots) and I'm going to be laying floors. As soon as we get the floors installed, base boards painted and installed, and outlets replaced, we can move in. After we move in we have to have the gas inspected and restarted, hook up the water heater, vent the water heater, pour and place counter tops, re plumb the sink, clean out the whole damn house, then move everything from the garage to the house. I can't wait.
No really I can't.
Oh yeah, and we have to replace the siding on the house, paint furniture, and fix the backyard. But on the plus side, the gigantic gaping hole in the backyard is gone, now it's just a giant dust bowl that I want to turn into a patio, grassy area for the kid and dog, and planting beds so we can grow some of our own food. Oh did I also mention that I want to make and install a rain barrel and a composter? Those too. And decorate the house.
I'm in for some busy times. Anyone want to donate some $ for my desperately needed caffeine habit?

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