Getting there

Well my birthday was last week, J went about and beyond to try to make it special for me. I think I may keep him :)
He made dinner, even let me specially request it all- crab legs, artichoke, twice baked potatoes, and cake balls. It was wonderful :)
He started his new job too, this Monday marked his first week. So far he's enjoying it well, and apparently he's able to get a really great discount on RO water filtration systems (reverse osmosis) The idea of that is pretty exciting, I've really wanted a good water filtration system so I could actually drink from the tap. Especially considering how hard the water is here in RR.
The floors are almost done at the house, just a tiny bit more in the kitchen and the laundry room, then we can paint and install the baseboards, put in the electrical outlets, install the appliances, paint and put in the new front door, then move in! Woo.
After we move in we'll still have a ton more work we need to do, but we can do them while living there. That means I get to pick my precious Loki up from M's house. I'm so insanely lucky to have such a great friend who's willing to take care of my cat for so damn long. I mean really, it started out that she was just going to have her for a few days, then a week.. it's been about 3 months now. I'm gonna have to bring F a kitten when we go pick up Loki so it doesn't upset her too much. It's kind of fun looking at kittens for other people, maybe I should do that for a living, a matchmaker for pets. Tell me about your family and your lifestyle and I'll find you the perfect pet :) it would totally work :)
I'm spending a lot more time with H now, it's so great spending all this time with her, every time we hang out I just feel so recharged. It's like she reboots my creativity with just her presence. Now that's an awesome friend to be around.
R seems to be doing better with her family life, we got to see her and the family last weekend, I can't believe how much As and Ia have grown. They're 8 now. I remember holding them in the hospital when they were born, who would have guessed how important to me they, their siblings, and their parents would become. R has become the one person, other than J, that makes life vital, the one I can talk to about anything and know that I'll still be loved and respected. Thanks R, for being my best friend :)
Mia Madre and S were here visiting for A's birthday, along with my dad (who was an amazing help with the floors, thanks dad :) ) Now that they're back in Ca I'm missing them pretty terribly.
Time is passing and things are changing but life is continuing and I'm looking forward to see what comes.

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