Wooohooo look at me go!

Yes I'm pretty terrible about remembering to blog. I admit it. But it's not only my fault! I swear! I've been signed up for mobile uploading here on blogger but I can't get the bloody thing to work! See? I've been trying to be a good blogger, I've just been failing miserably.
It also doesn't help that I keep loading myself up with projects. Right now I seem to have a couple that I need to work on. Just a couple....
1) Kristen's purses (2) one is a buttercup bag in grey and the other is a modified buttercup a bit larger and with a longer strap. I'm actually really looking forward to working on these, though you can't really tell since I haven't even cut out the fabric yet. But I really am, the grey is pretty.
2) Sam's quilt. This is going to be a full sized quilt in the "On the Road to Spring" pattern, there's some no name fabric in there, some Egyptian cotton (which feels divine) and some Remix by Ann Kelle (which is freaking adorable) I just finished cutting out and sorting the pieces for this (all 1120) and now I get to start piecing.
3) Mary's birthday buttercup bag, I've got the fabric all ready, just need to cut and sew this baby.... Any day now.
4) Nik's quilt, working on designing it now, then get to shop, wash/press, cut, sort, piece, baste, quilt, bind, snip and send it. ^.^
*note on Nik and Sam's- I'm giving myself until they graduate high school to finish these, no pressure here!*
5) my green classic dress, this is cut and actually mostly sewn. I attached the sleeves a few days ago, I just need to pin and sew the darts on the skirt, sew on the skirt then hem it and it's all finished. I just don't really have any motivation to finish this thing.
6) Sailing tote for Mom. I got some cute sailing fabric at WallyWorld for some napkins and actually really love the print, so I'm gonna try to whip up a little bag for her to take on her sailing trips.
7) actually there are a lot more than this, but these are on my mostly front burner right now (except the stupid dress, stupid stupid dress, I really need to finish that so I can just be done with it)
8) oh oops yeah, and I have to fix my shirt that I didn't do a strong enough seam on, oopsies.

And so those are my works in progress (wips actually) maybe I'll be good and get something finished, or maybe I'll completely forget all about the things I'm supposed to be doing and just play with new things instead. That's a bit more likely.

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