Hurrah for clean dogs

Today was bath time for my poor horse dog, he of course hated it.
Well wouldn't you? A nice warm bath, yummy smelling dog shampoo (what you don't pick dog shampoo just because it smells good? why not?) ear scratches, and afterwards a nice yummy treat.
Ogma after his bath
Yep he hates it and shivers and shakes through the whole bath. Of course being the perfect dog he is all he did was stand there shaking and giving me pitiful eyes.
Alex helped even, he tried to share his bath toys with Oggie. The ungrateful jerk apparently did not want to play with the bath time viking ship. Psh.
But now I have a wonderful smelling dog (not an oxymoron around here!) and some bedding that needs to be thrown into the washer desperately. I just need to wait until the diapers are done. Why does that take sooooo long?
I'm almost finished with MissA's dress, it just needs button holes and buttons on the shoulders, maybe I can convince the hubsters that we need a very quick Jo-Anns trip.

Speaking of Jo-Anns trips you'd be so proud of me!
OH wait, no. No you wouldn't. I totally didn't follow my list. (now how's that for a selective memory?)
My first trip to Jo-Anns (remember my list? pattern, notions, and DS's new line?) nope, instead I got an adorable stuffed monster pattern, some random shirting fabric (4 yards on sale) for dresses, some more random fabric for skirts, one zipper (no buttons or hooks) later throughout the week I went back repeatedly, final haul?
Some of DS's new line, Farmville blossoms <3!!, several patterns (who knew they had a steampunk pattern out?? well I do now, cuz it's in my pattern hoard) I also hit some thrift shops for more sheets (and found a Wizard of Oz pillowcase that I'm sending overseas) a bit of Pyrex, some cute 70's dinner plates. And probably more that I'm forgetting.
A woman on Freecycle was giving away a huge box of old sheets and I now have way way way too much fabric. I can not allow myself anything else until I use some of it up.
Will anyone hold me to this because I know very well that I'm not going to follow through.


stephmabry said...

I certainly can't hold you to not buying more fabric if I can't seem to do the same for myself!!! Bought more last night - though this time I have a few projects in mind... :)

Dana said...

To much fabric? now thats an oxymoron if ever I did hear one!. Pictures of your hawl please, I need some fabric eye candy!