The Mess That Is Home

Well since I had so many (one) crazy (polite) demands (requests) for a stash shot, I thought I'd throw out a little peek of my super fancy sewing and design room (dining table). Please don't get jealous of my organizational skills readers, I know it'll be hard, but I have faith in you (please don't laugh at me, send help)
First off we have a few of my patterns
a few patterns
I've actually got a lot more than this, but I have them stashed up in the attic since there's no space left in the house for more of my crap.
Next is my nicer fabric, I keep my "good" quilting fabric in an Ikea cabinet by the dining area. It's nice to be able to close the doors to in and not have to worry about any of it getting attacked by A. In those boxes at the bottom I keep my in progress quilts so I can actually find things when I finally get the chance to work on them.
my nicer fabric, designer names and in progress items
another shot
more fabric
This is my stuffed to the gills vintage/modern sheet storage.
fabric and vintage sheets
There's another cabinet just like this one (only in grey) sitting next to it, also full of crap.
I had one more picture of the area to show that depicted the gigantic mess that is all my other boxes of fabric, but lucky for all of us the shot didn't transfer well over to my Flickr account, trust me it's a sad sad mess.


Dana said...

thanks for sharing the photos, I love seeing peoples space, where they craft and what they keep where.wow you have a lot of dress patterns, do you make all your own clothes?

Rachael said...

Ooh, I'd like to get my hands on some of your lovely fabrics!