I have a cabinet full of expensive beautiful fabric (it's a small cabinet but still, not the point) but right now my absolute favorite fabric is this, an old/vintage sheet from a sweet lady on Freecycle. This is the softest most heavenly feeling fabric I've ever felt. I think it will enjoy being a new summer dress :-)
Ha I just realized that there's an Oggie butt in this picture, and that the color is really funky, it's actually a really pretty light blue. :)

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Dana said...

Hi Val.

Thanks so much for leaving a message on my blog. Wow thats so kind, I would love to have a vintage wizard of oz pillowcase, you dont need to twist my arm!. The thing is I'm in the U.K so it would probably cost quite a bit to send it to me!..so how about you let me cover the postage costs?, You can let me know how much it is and I could paypal it to you? my email address is danaandlee@hotmail.co.uk if you want to exchange details x