Joann's fabric shopping list

Ok poor J's getting dragged to the fabric store today or tomorrow. In a kind attempt to make this as painless as possible I'm going to make a list, and like a good girl, attempt to follow it (ha).
1) fabric- Denyse Schmidt has a new line out and it's freaking adorable. I want it. I need it. I will have it.
2) some notions. I really need to get some smallish zippers for some bags, a few hooks for clasps for clothes, and some awesome buttons for at least 2 coats that I'm making.
3) a dress pattern. They're having a sale on McCall's patterns this weekend and I want a sun dress.
And that's it, not so bad right????


stephmabry said...

Thanks for following me at Hope Sewing is Genetic!

Who on earth goes to Joann's with a list and actually sticks to it? Okay, I lie - I have one friend who can, and does - but I'm not capable of doing so!!!

Dana said...

I've heard so much about Joann's I have visions in my head of massive isles of fabric and bargain prices, I have no idea if thats true but I wish I had one in this country!, that fabric line does look wonderful, looking forward to seeing what you bought. Dana