Starting the Tour

Alright we're gonna start our tour today (woo aren't you excited!? I know I sure am *lying*)
We're gonna start off in A's room since I'm in the middle of purging the rest of the house, once I'm finished with a room we'll move on to the next, sound like a plan? Good.
Apparently the toys under the bed are always going to be there, this is after spending the entire weekend organizing and cleaning, we should just give in...
This is actually the living room, A loves sitting on the couch, looking out the living room window and watching the high schoolers play football.
Here's a shot looking left if you had just walked through the door from the hallway. Yes he does have a purple sewing machine, jealous?
More from the door, he has a door leading from his room to the guest bathroom which you can barely see in the picture past the china cabinet (that my dad made me when I was only a little bit bigger than A is now, I desperately need to paint it.) The dresser you see? Full of toys and hats, this kid has too many toys.
Alex room
Yep the kid has two windows in his room, tons of natural light, sadly with his lime green curtains it leads to funky colored pictures.
The closet doors are still off from when we painted them, to save space we decided to put his dresser/changing table in there along with his dirty clothes hamper.
love to his victim
A loves his room, but not as much as he loves torturing his dog. Tune in soon for a tour of another room. Today I'm sorting out our closet and putting up winter clothes so hopefully you can see our room next. Maybe you can give me ideas for changing it around, I'm tired of the configuration.

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