Back from the land of the slackers!

We aren't going to talk about how bad I've been about posting, no need.
I will say that J and I went down with A to Galveston, and had an amazing time. I, of course, got terribly sunburned all down my right side, kids vinegar and aloe is your friend. I swear I was good and sunblocked repeatedly, AND stayed under the umbrella almost the entire time, still burned!
I was able to finish some embroidery on the way to the beach, this little dragon is the line art my sister used as an inspiration for a dragon she sculpted me.
You should be terribly proud of me though, I got some sewing done yesterday, and even remembered to take a picture.
one reusable bag
Sadly I didn't take a picture of it unrolled (duh me)
This is a reusable shopping bag for a lady in Cali, she's my mom's pastor's wife's daughter have fun keeping track of that. I'm doing an exchange with the pastors wife (C) she's crocheting me some socks and I'm doing some sewing for her. I have 2 finished already and packaged to send off, I'm planning more but I wanted to send these along with a bag I made for my mom (she's going on a mission trip to Japan at the end of this month)
tote for mom
My Mom and that side of the family are really into sailing so when I saw that nautical fabric I knew I needed it for her.
Ok one more random thought to add in this disjointed post :)
My friend M and I hit Jo-Ann's on Monday, she's been buying fabric and patterns and I've been having fun chopping them up and putting together some dresses for her (yes she's making out better on this deal, but I'm loooooving not buying fabric, getting to sew, then getting crap out of my poor, over stuffed house) well get ended up grabbing about 5 yards of this really cute plaid, of course it wasn't on sale :( I did have a coupon, for 10% off on my phone, and of course it had expired last month! Booo.
Good bye cute plaid fabric....
future housedress for Mary.
but wait! Lucky us, the cashier who was one sees me average about once a week, for months.
50% off, I think she loves me :)
I dropped off some carrot cake for her today when I went in with my MIL.
Happy ending :)

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stephmabry said...

You've signed up to get Joann's coupons in the mail, right? They're having a big sale this weekend, and sent out a couple of the 50% off something regular priced coupons in the mail for it. Love the bag fabric - I have a stash of those same pink and white and brown fat quarters (pretty sure I got it at Joann's, too!)