Well I melted my most recent project. Oops.
On the plus side, I didn't really like the colours and I was getting sick of looking at it.
I'm still taking a hiatus from my friend's dress, I worked on it a bit while she was over on Monday so I don't feel like a total slacker for packing it up for a few days, especially considering I always seem to screw things up when I get burned out on them.
It should be finished up by the end of the weekend though thank goodness. I'm so excited to start working on other big projects. I've been restricting myself from starting another adult sized garment until the ones I am working on are finished, finish one and start one. I hate holding myself to that.
And so you can see just how many things I need to start and or finish I'll provide a list.

1) M's full skirted early 60's dress (started)
2) M's 40's house dress (starting when #1 is finished)
3) M's purse (haven't started)
4) M's coin purse (will start after #3 is cut out)
5) Sam's quilt (about 1/2 finished piecing the top)
6) Sam's purse (have to cut and put together, can't start until I get some sew in interfacing)
7) H's list (there's lots of it ^.^ but I don't want to list it all out b/c 1) she actually reads this blog 2) I'll have a heart attack when I see how long my to do list gets)
8) x4 of my FB give-away, lucky for me this is something I can put together at my leisure, now to figure out what I want to make for each person
9) J's labyrinth quilt ( I'll start on that once he draws out how he wants it to look)
10) Mom's quilt (starting piecing HST, need more Kona Snow and more red and aqua charm squares)
11) Nik's quilt (still in the designing stage, he may come visit over the summer *hope hope hope* and he can help me design it)
12) Nik's guitar strap cover (waiting on measurements)
13) Charity quilt (fabric gathered and design planned just need to cut and piece it, hopefully can start that tomorrow during A's grandma day)
14) embroidery piece for my Nana (this is a new idea, she just got her walls and ceilings painted by my dad and I want to make her something to go with her bright new walls, I saw this and know she would love it.
Ok the boy just woke up, time to go.

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Briney's Wifey said...

Hahaha H's list, I seriously giggled at it. I found somethings to make you in our swap that you would like but they will be surprises! :-)