tip your waitress kids

It's been a while hasn't it?
My dad flew back to California on Tuesday, it was an amazingly awesome trip. Alex adored him even more than the last time he saw him, and that's saying something, this kid is all about his grandpas :)
We found out my FIL has prostate cancer, it's pretty advanced and he's really really young to have it, but he's stubborn as hell so I'm sure he'll heal quickly. His surgery is on the 27th so if you think of it please send some good thoughts his way. When I heard the news my main thought (after hooooly shit, and oh it's hereditary so J, his brother A, and my A are all at risk) was that I have to make a quilt for him. I tried to explain it to J but I think it takes another quilter to really get it.
I've been working on a Halloween quilt for a couple days, apparently the HL in my area has decided to stop carrying the Kona Charcoal in store, stupid Hobby Lobby :( now I get to order it online and hope it ships fast (ps quilt stores in my area, how about a few more solids please? Honey Bee Quilts I love you and your selection of fabrics are really awesome but I needs me some grays)
I'll post a bit more in a bit but I just wanted to make sure y'all didn't think I'd forgotten you :)

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Dana said...

oh what terrible news Im so sorry for you Father In Law. I think its a lovely gesture to make him a quilt. Perhaps you could make it with some of his sons clothes/shirts to make it really personal?- a way of keeping his family with him when they cant be around? Sending good thoughts his way...